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St John Crown Coin - Commemorative

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Technical details
  • 06.06.2018
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  • Cupronickel
  • 28.28g
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  • 38.60mm
  • One Crown
About St John Crown Coin

To commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the Lodge of St John No.115 EC, a crown coin has been issued. The coin depicts the lodge's logo, is limited to a mintage of 7,500 and is sold within a capsule.

The Lodge of St. John was first warranted by the Atholl or Antient Grand Lodge on the 5thSeptember 1767, at Perth, Scotland, as a military travelling Lodge No. 148 in the 2nd Battalion, Royal Artillery. The Battalion was moved shortly after to Mahon, Minorca, Balearic Islands, then a British possession and in 1772 was posted to Gibraltar bringing with it its ‘Antient’ warrant No. 148.