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About Spain

It is remarkable that such a small space as a stamp can hold such grandeur: Architectural buildings, engineering works, scientific discoveries, historical figures, slogans for coexistence, the culture of the people, sporting landmarks, and even microcosms and planets. A universe of values is distributed by the Spanish Post Office on its stamps, so that they may endure in our memory and become part of our history as authentic works of art. The Philatelic Service of the Spanish Post Office, in cooperation with WOPA, is now offering its beautiful stamp collection on our website at face value.

The Spanish Post Office has always considered the stamp as a postage mark which serves as a way to publicise cultural, social, and historical events, and to generally promote the country’s image. They all have different sizes and values, they can be printed using different systems (offset, photogravure, and chalcography), and they can have various uses; but for the collector, they will always be a little work of art.

The stamp is art; collect art, collect stamps.