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The Republic of Iceland - 75th Anniversary

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About The Republic of Iceland - 75th Anniversary

The long­awaited goal of the Icelandic nation‘s struggle for independence and sovereignty was achieved when Iceland became a republic on 17 June 1944. Iceland had adopted
a constitution and limited home rule at the National Festival in Þingvellir in 1874, held on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Iceland’s settlement. Iceland had then been under the rule of Norway and Denmark for 682 years. Major changes occurred after the establishment of the Republic. Iceland became a member of the United Nations in 1946, and in 1949 Iceland joined NATO. In the 1960s, heavy industry began with the Búrfell power plant and an aluminium plant in Straumsvík. A fishing limit conflict with Britain broke out in the form of cod wars (1958­1976 intermittently), resulting in the fishing limits being extended to 200 miles. In 1970, Iceland joined EFTA. In the latter part of the 20th century, Iceland’s national production grew considerably and the country’s infrastructure and welfare system expanded.

The stamp motif is the Lady of the Mountain, the national personification of Iceland, an important symbol in Republi­ can times and a common symbol in Icelandic poetry. The subject is based on a design made by poet Benedikt Gröndal appearing on a memorial card for the 1874 National Festival. The design has been modernized with colours referring to the national flag.