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Theatre - 10th Anniv. of the Death of Toni Pehar

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About Theatre - 10th Anniv. of the Death of Toni Pehar

Without theatre, human history would be significantly poorer since the theatre opens new spaces of freedom, both in its beginnings and today. Special respect goes to actors, the dramatic artists who leave their heart and soul on the theatre stage.

By issuing the “Theatre – 10thanniversary of the death of Toni Pehar” commemorative postage stamp, Hrvatska pošta (Croatian Post) Mostar marks 10 years since one of the greatest BiH dramatic artists and the champion of drama at the Croatian National Theatre in Mostar left both the life and theatre stage.Ante Toni Pehar was born on 20 August 1952 in Mostar, and in Mostar he passed away on 8 July 2009 after battling a serious illness. He graduated from the Drama Studio at the National Theatre in Mostar and was a member of the Theatre from 1972 to 1993. In 1993, during the war in Mostar, he became one of the co-founders of the Mostar War Theatre. When the Croatian National Theatre was founded in Mostar in 1994, Toni Pehar became its member. He appeared in over 120 stage, film and television roles for which he received numerous awards. The creative enthusiasm that guided him left a profound impression and inspiration for young artists, and after his early departure, a huge void remained on the BiH theatre scene.

(Željka Šaravanja)