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2019 World No Tobacco Day

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About 2019 World No Tobacco Day

In old American cultures smoking was of a ritual significance and the first smoking data originated in 1492 and from the diaries of Christopher Columbus. The first Europeans who started with tobacco production in overseas colonies were Spanish people and imported it into Europe under the name “tobacco”.

Today it is known that smoking, not only active but passive, is dangerous for the health of people especially for children. By smoking, nicotine is absorbed into the body through pulmonary circulation and irritates the respiratory system. High nicotine concentration quickly reaches the brain and comfort center which contributes to the addiction that may be both physical and psychological.

In 1987. The World Health Organization encouraged marking the World no tobacco day on 31stMay with the aim of raising awareness of smoking hazard. In many countries, programs and non-smoking schools have been specially organized to help participants to quit smoking, prevent illness and raise quality of life. The success of the program is based on the level of addiction and motivation to quit smoking, and during the quitting, the support of the family and the whole community is very important.

(Željka Šaravanja)