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Architecture 2019 - Bridges

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About Architecture 2019 - Bridges

Bridges are symbols of Mostar, a town on the river Neretva which is economic, university and cultural center of Herzegovina. According to the available sources it was first mentioned on April 3,1452. in the records of merchants from Dubrovnik mentioning the transition over the river Neretva. It was probably a bridge with wooden construction with strong iron chains.

Well known the Old bridge was built in 1566., by order of Ottoman Sultan Suleyman Majestic. With the arrival of Austro-Hungarian administration in 1878., a town is experiencing strong architectural bloom. At that time, three bridges were built: The Emperor and King Franz Joseph bridge, Port bridge and Carinski (emperor’s) bridge.

The Port bridge (1912. - 1913.) was the first reinforced concrete bridge built in B&H and also a major architectural project of that time. It was built according to the original project of engineer Miloš Komadina and at the initiative of the city mayor of Mostar Mujaga Komadina. It had a wide road, pavement and at the beginnings of the bridge two lamps (two candelabras).

Carinski (Emperor’s) bridge (1916. - 1917.) was built according to the original project of engineer Miloš Komadina. It was used both for car and rail traffic and railways were included on the bridge for narrow and normal pavement. The bridge was built with richly decorated fences and kiosks on two arches. An arch over the river Neretva had a range of 56m and over the coast 35m.

(Željka Šaravanja)