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Guiding in Estonia 100

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About Guiding in Estonia 100

The first information on guiding in Estonia dates all the way back to 1919. The first guide group was established in 1920 in Tallinn, and the Tartu and Valga groups started in the spring of 1921.

Over the one hundred years the principles of guiding have remained the same. Guiding is an international, voluntary, open, apolitical and preparatory youth movement. Caring, positivity, respect for oneself and others form the basis of our way of thinking. Guides are also friends of animals and nature. The majority of our activities take place in fresh air, in the forest, and in camps.

In the early years of the movement, guiding offered young people lots of new and exciting things, and participation was very active. And it is the same today, in 2020. The Estonian Girl-Guiding Association is an active youth organisation that prepares kids and youth for life in a changing world through exciting and adventurous activities.