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Guernsey Together

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First Day Cover
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Presentation Pack
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About Guernsey Together

During these exceptional times Guernsey Post has been helping the local community through a number of initiatives. One of the projects undertaken was inviting local school children across the Bailwick to create a piece of artwork with the winning designs being chosen to feature on new stamps for the theme #GuernseyTogether.

The philatelic team is delighted to confirm that the following children's designs were chosen for the stamp set:-

Year 1 - Kahlan Marriott, age 5 (50p stamp)

Year 2 - Olivia Le Tissier, age 6 (50p stamp)

Year 3 - Alexis Drummy, age 8 (68p stamp)

Year 4 - Danny King, age 8 (68p stamp)

Year 5 - Joe De Carteret, age 10 (85p stamp)

Year 6 - Lily- Ella O'Brien, age 10 (85p stamp)

Year 7 - Oliver Blake, age 11 (95p stamp)

Year 8 - Phoebe Smart, age 13 (95p stamp)