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Guernsey Definitive - Birds

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First Day Cover
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Presentation Pack
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Gutter Pairs Set
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About Guernsey Definitive - Birds

La Societe Guernesiaise has been working to conserve Guernsey's natural environment as well as preserving its historic buildings and monuments for almost 140years.

It now manages over 400 verges of the island's land as nature reserve, providing protected spaces for Guernsey's birds to thrive.

1p stamp: House Sparrow

2p stamp: Pied Wagtail

3p stamp: Great Tit

4p stamp: Long-Tailed Tit

5p stamp: Green Finch

6p stamp: Song Thrush

7p stamp: Blackbird

8p stamp: Swallow

9p stamp: Magpie

10p stamp: Common Tern

20p stamp: Lapwing

30p stamp: Cormorant

40p stamp: Pale Phase Buzzard

50p stamp: Common Buzzard

£1 stamp: Grey Heron

£2 stamp: Lesser Black-Backed Gull

£4 stamp: Gannets