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Chinese Horoscope - 2021 Year of the Ox

Miniature Sheet
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First Day Cover
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About Chinese Horoscope - 2021 Year of the Ox

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of the ox will replace the year of the rat in 2021. The ox symbolises stability, firmness, discipline and organisation, and from these follow peace, harmony and patience. The ox is a disciplined, powerful animal able to cope with heavy burdens which is sometimes stubborn but is persistent and loyal. It is reliable and can always be counted on. Accordingly, in the year of the ox, hard work, perseverance and responsibility will bring success. The year of the tiger will follow the ox in 2022.

The characteristic pose of the figure of the ox radiates strength in the two stamp designs of the miniature sheet, on the first day cover and in the special postmark.