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International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2021

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About International Day of Sport for Development and Peace 2021

In order to raise awareness of the contribution of sport to development, peace and the promotion of tolerance, the UN General Assembly declared 6 April the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. Hrvatska pošta Mostar (Croatian Post Mostar) printed a commemorative issue of postage stamps with the motif of swimming, a favourite recreational activity, but also a competitive sport.

Various swimming techniques have been used since ancient times; the skill of swimming was known to the ancient Assyrians and Egyptians. In Greece, swimming was part of general education, and the Romans considered it a military skill. The first written work on swimming, in Latin, dates from 1538. From then until the end of the 18th century, many works on swimming and its importance in physical education followed. Among other things, swimming strengthens the vascular system, increases lung capacity, has a positive effect on joints, develops fitness and endurance…

The first swimming organization originated in Sweden in 1796, and in the middle of the 19th century the development of swimming styles took place and the first swimming competitions were held. Swimming has been on the program of the Olympic Games since 1896, when men competed in the 100 m and 1,500 m freestyle, and women also compete since 1912. (Željka Šaravanja)