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SEPAC - Local Beverages

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About SEPAC - Local Beverages

The stamp issue of SEPAC, an association comprising thirteen small postal operators in Europe, focuses this year on local beverages from its members’ countries of origin. Philately Liechtenstein chose a thirst quencher that comes out of every tap and many public fountains in top quality in Liechtenstein: "Drinking Water" (face value: CHF 1.80).

Although unimaginable for most people in many parts of the world, people in the Alps enjoy drinking fresh water straight from the tap. Here, about half of the drinking water consumed each year is obtained from groundwater, the other half from spring water. The strictest controls and continuous optimisation of the supply technology are intended to ensure a high standard of quality of the drinking water in the future as well.

Seven public water supply companies are responsible for this task. In order to ensure that the drinking water reaches the houses in top quality, they maintain numerous reservoirs and other structures such as transfer shafts in addition to the tapped springs and pumping stations. Almost 430 kilometres of main pipelines and 270 kilometres of service pipes are available for transporting the water.