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Christmas - Sleeping Beauty

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About Christmas - Sleeping Beauty

With its flamboyant costumes, slapstick comedy, and audience participation, the pantomime is loved by all generations and is seen by many as a Christmas tradition, thanks to its unique interpretation of traditional fairy tales.

Pantomime’s universal appeal is one of the reasons it has stood the test of time. Whilst traditionally aimed at children, the shows are often peppered with jokes which are aimed at adults, who find themselves returning for some nostalgia with younger family members and friends.

The tale of Sleeping Beauty has a fascinating history and is probably one of the best known stories of its kind; a true classic of the fairy tale genre. Despite numerous adaptions over the years, the story which most people associate with Sleeping Beauty is the tale of a beautiful princess who is cursed to sleep for 100 years by a wicked fairy, who is awakened by a kiss from a handsome prince.

In 2022, The Guernsey Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society will perform Sleeping Beauty as its 64th annual pantomime over the Christmas season and we are delighted to depict this much loved story on Guernsey’s festive stamps.