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Intergenerational Solidarity (C)

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About Intergenerational Solidarity (C)

Although members of various generations may not always understand each other’s decisions and behaviors, there is always an opportunity for mutual respect. Advocating for intergenerational solidarity, then, encompasses not only ourselves but also our small daily actions that convey the message of respecting others, as well as our involvement in societal concerns aimed at enhancing the quality of life of different generations.

Since time immemorial, two intergenerational confrontations have occurred. There are records from ancient Greece in which the elder generations criticize the younger generations for being increasingly lethargic and selfish, while the younger people condemn the older generations for failing to understand them. Even today, young people believe that older generations don’t understand their points of view, while older generations say that younger people’s behavior is worsening. It may appear that this is unique to us, yet history reminds us that such situations are common in human life. Even though we don’t always understand each other, there is always room for mutual respect.

Examples of intergenerational solidarity can be seen everywhere, from giving up seats on public transportation to caring for grandchildren in the children’s park. Extreme events, such as pandemics and disasters, highlight the importance of intergenerational solidarity. We frequently devote special attention and assistance to those who are particularly vulnerable. Intergenerational solidarity is not only present in our behaviors, but it is also entwined with our social institutions. Children’s rights, living on a very modest pension, and the quality of education for future generations are just a few of the systemic challenges based on the concept of intergenerational solidarity. Therefore, advocating for intergenerational solidarity encompasses not only the social system in which we live but also ourselves and our small everyday actions that convey the significance of respecting others.

mag. psych. Iva Vukojević, asist.