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2013New Year 2014 - Set

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Technical details
  • 05.12.2013
  • Stamp template: work by Mia Štimac, 3rd grade pupil of the Elementary School Viktorovac from Sisak
  • -
  • Zrinski - Čakovec
  • Multicoloured Offsetprint + Silver foil
  • 4 Colours
  • 48,28 x 29,82 mm
  • 0.41
About New Year 2014

Space is dark, which we yet can not conclude from the opaqueness of night, since the Earth’s night is illuminated by stars, not to mention the colours of Moon’s and Sun’s walking routes. The Earth is protected and comforted by countless lights, and each gloom is brightened by some tiny flame. And that flame is a promise to human life: a promise that the gloom is not something final. When they were watching the space, people compared its movements with those of closer and the closest spaces, assigning great units of time to always smaller ones. Numerous calendars, through millennia, are outcome of such comparisons: one minute like one hour, one hour like one day, one day like one week, month, year... All moves in circles and all comes back: all speaks about recurrence and lastingness: and in hoc anni circulo, there is one day as an eye on the ring: New Year. On that day, all is possible anew: to leave behind and remember; or leave behind and forget. Go further and make it better. Be joyful, because the end has been tricked. Then, what is in the end, the children would like to know: in each end there is a beginning, though!
The pupil Mia Štimac has thus imagined New Year as fireworks: as assigning of Earth’s lights to those of space; as a fervent joy written out on black background. Between white snow and black sky, the sparks and bonfires jump out, a great tree is decorated and transforms the world into home interior (in the beginning, the Christmas trees were decorated outside); and a father, a mother and three children are joyful together. For, what kind of joy is it, if there is no one with whom you can share it! The stamp records thus the joy and togetherness. The young authoress sends such wishes to whole Croatia, and Croatia sends them farther and farther... to the entire world.