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Europa 2015 - Old Toys - Set

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  • 09.05.2015
  • Joe Mark Micallef
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • €.59, €2.19
About Europa 2015 - Old Toys

EUROPA 2015 Issue entitled: "Old Toys". A set of two stamps each depicting traditional toys which were popular in Malta in the past.

PostEurop, the association of European public postal operators, has set the theme "Old Toys" for the EUROPA 2015 stamp competition.

The EUROPA stamp issues encourage cooperation between European postal operators, particularly with regard to the promotion of philately by creating awareness of Europe's common roots, culture, history and goals.

For this year's stamp issue, MaltaPost took a nostalgic look at two typical Maltese toys that children played with in the past - the Cart (Karretta) and the Hoop (). The children with the help of elders built most of the toys from recycled material.

The Karretta was usually made of wood and was set on three or four metal wheels. Thin rope was used to control the steering. The cart was popular especially among young boys who would spend hours playing and carrying stones from one place to another imitating the construction workers. For some extra fun they would often organise races among themselves.

The was also another popular game in which a large hoop was rolled along the ground with the aim of the game being to keep the hoop in the upright position for as long as possible. Hoops of a variety of sizes would be recycled from an old pram or a broken wine cask and rolled along the streets with the help of a piece of wire acting as a guide. Children either played alone or sometimes they would be seen in groups around village cores running hoop races.

The Karretta featured on the 0.59 stamp will be Malta's entry for the best EUROPA Stamp Contest. The contest is an annual online event where creative entries from across Europe compete for the best design. The best EUROPA stamp will be voted for by web viewers and PostEurop members. The online voting competition is open to the public while a jury of philatelic experts is appointed.

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