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Portugal in Stamps 2006 - Annual Product

Annual Product
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  • 01.12.2006
  • Atelier Acacio Santos / Helder Soares
  • Jorge M. Martins
  • Grafica Maiadouro
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  • ?93,98
About Portugal in Stamps 2006

This album invites you to travel with Portuguese stamps. It brings together all the stamps issued by the Portuguese Post Office during the year: about a hundred, dealing with some twenty-five themes that provide the pretext for as many journeys around the country. Journeys into the past, as in the case of the anniversaries that are commemorated: the 500th of the arrival in Ceylon by the Portuguese and of the birth of St. Francis Xavier, the 250th of the Douro Demarcated Wine Region, the 150th of the train in Portugal, the centenaries of the births of Humberto Delgado, Tom, Lopes-Graca, Agostinho da Silva and Romulo de Carvalho/Antonio Gedeao, and the 50th anniversaries of the Gulbenkian Foundation and of the first television broadcast in Portugal. Journeys to the present and to future, too, suggested by issues such as the one devoted to Contemporary Portuguese Architecture and the ones celebrating the European Under - 21 Football Championships or the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP). Fascinating journeys that are not limited, however, to those 'obligatory' ports of call. A wandering tourist's gaze falling on these pages is sure to find facets of an unknown Portugal that will stimulate a desire to discover and to love it even more. This is, at heart, the aim of Portuguese philately and of this Portugal in Stamps that the CTT had published annually for more than twenty years.