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Tourism IV (2): Springhouse at Orfű - Set

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  • 03.05.2013
  • Eszter Domé
About Tourism IV (2): Springhouse at Orfű

Magyar Posta’s new stamps were designed by the graphic artist Eszter Domé and made by the printing company Pénzjegynyomda. The new stamps will be available from 3 May at Filaposta and large post offices in Hungary, but may also be purchased online from Magyar Posta’s web site. Springhouse at Orfű: The springhouse, a listed building, was built between 1970 and 1974. It was designed by György Csete, who won many professional awards including the Kossuth, Ybl and Prima Primissima Prizes. Circular and sixteen-angled rooms are arranged on the springhouse’s vertical axis. The stairs have a radius of one metre, and there is a central steel newel with a concrete wall which is a span thick. The lower floor is a reinforced concrete, cantilever slab conoid about four metres high with an overhang of some six metres creating an open terrace above and a space below.