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2017 - 200th Anniversary of the Draisine Bicycle - Set

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  • 12.06.2017
  • Ariana Noršić
  • Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
  • 35,50 x 29,82 mm
  • 2,90 BAM
About 2017 - 200th Anniversary of the Draisine Bicycle

History records various examples of vehicles that are powered by human strength so the discovery of bicycle cannot be tied to the name of a particular inventor. The German baron Karl von Drais is mentioned as the first bicycle driver who in 1817 made a bicycle called draisine. Crisis and the lack of food at the beginning of the 19th century prompted him to find a replacement for the horse that would be used for transportation so he invented Laufmaschine („running machine“) which was later called draisine.

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