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2018 Philatelic Issue Archbishops of Braga - Set

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  • 22.10.2018
  • Atelier Design&etc / Túlio Coelho
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  • Offset
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  • 30,6 x 40 mm
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About Philatelic Issue Archbishops of Braga

Launched in 2017, the philatelic series "Archbishops of Braga" aims to commemorate and pay homage to the archbishops of one of the oldest archdioceses of the Iberian Peninsula.
In response to an unusual occurrence, CTT will this year reissue the stamps dedicated to Saint Martin of Braga, Saint Fructuosus and Saint Gerald of Braga. The captions on the stamps of Saint Martin of Braga and Saint Fructuosus of Braga had been mixed up and have now been corrected, along with the date (of the beginning of the episcopate, in Braga) on the stamp of Saint Gerald of Braga. The stamps in question are therefore being again issued with the correct captions and information (though at a revised face value). The stamps are still accompanied by a brochure, though with a di erent colour and design from last year, thus making it possible to immediately identify that it is a new version.

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