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Ninth Art - Set

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  • 11.10.2018
  • Nebojsa Djumic
  • Forum, Novi Sad
  • Offset
  • Multicolour
  • 0.90 BAM
About Ninth Art

The association of strip authors and fans of the Republic of Srpska comic strip "Ninth dimension" is a very young, independent and non-political organization founded in April 2011 as the product of love of its members towards the ninth art. The main goals are promotion of ninth art (comic) in the Republic of Srpska and wider through various activities and promotion of the Republic of Srpska comic stripe in the world. The Ninth Dimension Association has about 100 members from all parts of the Republic of Srpska (Banja Luka, Istocno Sarajevo, Laktasi, Prijedor, Prnjavor, Doboj, Gradiska, Sokolac, Foca, Visegrad, Kozarska Dubica, Kostajnica, Trebinje, Nevesinje ...). Although the registration period to date has been very short, the Ninth Dimension Association has participated in several important projects: - Launching and publishing comic strip magazines "Parabellum" in which comics and texts of comic authors from Republic of Srpska were published (8 issues have been published so far); - Participation in the organization of 5th – 11th Salon comic strip - Laktasi - Organizing comic events at the Jelen Demofest Music Festival 2011-2013; - Participation in the "Animated Film Festival of Banja Luka" 2011 - 2017; - Organizing a large exhibition of the comic book "Second exhibition of the comic strip of Srpska" during 2013 throughout the Republic of Srpska;

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