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Cultural Heritage - Tombstones from Spa Stijene - Set

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  • 07.09.2017
  • Nebojsa Djumic
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  • Forum, Novi Sad
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About Cultural Heritage - Tombstones from Spa Stijene

Tomb stones are medieval tombstones in the form of large stones, sometimes with engraved pictorial decoration or inscriptions. They originated from the 11th to the end of the 15th century.
So far, more than 66,478 tombstones have been found, of which more than 58,547 have been found in today's Bosnia and Herzegovina.
More than 5,600 tombstones are decorated most often: vaulted roses, rosettes, crosses, shields and swords, bow and arrows, human and animal figures, deer shooting scenes, tournaments, geometric ornaments and the like.
Of the total of 363 tombstones with inscriptions, over 350 tombstones bear Cyrillic letters.

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