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2021ILA/Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands - Miniature Sheet CTO

Miniature Sheet CTO
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Miniature Sheet CTO
GBP £5.24
First Day Cover
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Technical details
  • 20.09.2021
  • Edward Fuglø.
  • Bposte, Belgium.
  • Offset
  • 84 x 62 mm
  • 20,00 and 25,00 DKK.
About ILA/Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands

The ISA-Virus and Covid-19 in the Faroe IslandsIn their travelogue about the yacht Maria's voyage to the Faroe Islands in 1854, Samuel Rathbone and E. H. Greig recount the story about their arrival in the islands. They sailed close by Nólsoy, with a hoisted signal flag indicating that they needed harbour pilots. A large boat with 12 rowers was launched from the village of Nólsoy, cautiously approaching the yacht. The first question the Faroese fishermen asked when they came within earshot of the crew on the yacht was: "Are there any sick people on board?"

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