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2022Northern Lights - Set CTO

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Technical details
  • 28.02.2022
  • Photos: Thomas Vikre & Árni Øregaard
  • Cartor Security Printing, France
  • Offset CMYK
  • 40,0 x 30,0 mm
  • 19,00 and 43,00 DKK
About Northern Lights

Sometimes in the late sixties, perhaps very early in the seventies, one of my classmates asked if we had seen the colorful lights in the sky the night before. ”They signify the end of the world,” he continued, somewhat annoyed that his gloomy message was met with a shrug.”Such nonsense,” he was told, ”you saw the northern lights. Is this the first time you see the northern lights?””No,” he insisted, “it was much worse than that. The northern lights are green, but these lights came in all kinds of colors!

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