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2022Europa - Stories and Myths - Set

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Technical details
  • 09.05.2022
  • Johanna Finne
  • Cartor Security Printing
  • Offset
  • 5 Colours
  • 35 x 35mm
  • €2.30
About Europa - Stories and Myths

On 9 May, Åland Post issues the annual stamp in the Pos- tEurop Europa stamp series. The 2022 theme is stories and myths, and the Åland stamp shows the “sjörå”, a female water spirit according to Åland folklore. Illustrator Lasse Harkkala is responsible for the interpretation. “The stories about the sjörå were inspiring and appealing because the figure is unpredictable and uncontrollably primitive; you don’t know if it’ll contribute to fortunate events or cause sorrows, and the uncertainty is both frightening and attractive to us humans.”

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