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2022 The Eurasian Hoopoe - First Day Cover

First Day Cover
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First Day Cover
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Technical details
  • 16.09.2022
  • T. Dragunas
  • Baltijas Banknote,SIA, Latvia
  • Offset
  • 30 x 37,50mm
About The Eurasian Hoopoe

This bird, distinguished by its mottled wings and shaggy crest, is most common in Dzūkija - it is here that the largest part of the Lithuanian the Eurasian hoopoe population lives. Although the bright and distinctive appearance of the Eurasian hoopoe attracts people's attention, the bird itself, according to naturalists, hardly pays attention to them. It is an active and rather brave bird, especially fond of areas with short grass. It is not a rare case when the Eurasian hoopoe settles in homesteads inhabited by people, and these birds make their nests in the most diverse places, starting from trees and rotten stumps, ending with crevices of buildings, shelters or nests. In Lithuania, the Eurasian hoopoe was included in the country's Red book as early as 1989.

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