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2022 Singing Birds - Set

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Technical details
  • 28.10.2022
  • Răzvan POPESCU
  • offset, in 4 colours, paper for stamps, gummed, produced by Tullis Russel (UK origin), purchased by the Stamp Factory; weight: 112 ± 4% g/m2
  • 4 Colours
  • Stamp Size: 24 × 33mm, Minisheet Size: 74 × 156mm
  • 3,00 Lei, 6,50 Lei, 10,00 Lei, 10,50 Lei
About Singing Birds

Romfilatelia introduces into circulation on Friday, October 28th, this year, a new postage stamps issue dedicated to nature enthusiasts, ornithologists and philatelists, generically called Singing Birds. Being appreciated all over the world for the “music” they reproduce, many such species also delight with their colours.

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