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2022Yuxari Govhar Agha Mosque - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 20.12.2022
  • Orkhan Garayev
  • Bobruisk Integrated Printing House, Bobruisk, Belarus
  • Offset lithography. Gummed paper,105qr/m2
  • Size of souvenir sheet: 120x 80mm Size of stamp: 52х37mm
  • 1.00
About Yuxari Govhar Agha Mosque

The city of Shusha is the cultural center of Karabakh. One of the historical and religious cultural monuments here is Yuxari Govhar Aga Mosque. It is the oldest mosque built in the central square of the city. The mosque was built in four stages.

The first mosque was built in 1850, parallel to the palace of Karabakh Khan, by the order of Panahali Khan. This was related to the transfer of the center of the khanate from Shahbulag fortress to Shusha.

The second mosque was built by Ibrahimkhalil Khan (1768-1769). In the first half of the 19th century, with the financial help of Govhar Agha, a third mosque with double minarets was built on the site of Ibrahimkhalil Khan's mosque, which had become useless.

In 1883, the fourth and last mosque of Shusha was built on the site of the third mosque based on the financial resources of Govhar Agha.

The author of the fourth mosque is the famous Karbalayi Safikhan Karabakh. This is among the author's best works. The decor of the minarets of the mosque and the wall paintings of the rooms were designed by Mir Mohsen Nawab. The fourth mosque It differs sharply from its predecessor (the 3rd mosque) due to its composition-planning and architectural artistic features. One of the differences that make the mosque beautiful is that the surface of the brick minarets is divided into three parts by raised bands and decorated with colored stones.