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2023Maltese Children’s Books - Set

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Technical details
  • 17.02.2023
  • Design MaltaPost p.l.c Photography courtesy of the National Library of Malta
  • Offset
  • 31mm x 44mm
  • 37c and €3.00
About Maltese Children’s Books

There is no doubt that illustrated story books intensely evoke childhood memories. Young children enjoy poring over book covers with a time-defying immersion that grown-ups unfortunately tend to lose. Such magic was presented to an entire generation of Maltese school children through two much-loved local publications - Id-Denfil and Il-Gojjin. Many adults today still cherish fond memories of these iconic Maltese textbooks that accompanied them throughout their early school years.

Both books were very popular for their simple stories about life and traditions in the Maltese Islands at that time and included lovely unique illustrations. Two of the most popular illustrators were Joseph Maliia (Id-Denfil) and Frank Schembri (Il-Gojjin). Both may be considered as early promoters of education for children via their charismatic designs and visual themes. They enabled young readers to appreciate local cultural and historical aspects such as the typical old Maltese buses, village feast celebrations, local architectural elements and countryside scenes. Through their illustrations, they positively marked the childhood of many Maltese students across generations. They helped to instill within young impressionable readers a love for reading, leading them to appreciate and cherish their unique mother tongue. Mallia and Schembri were meticulous in their drawings. Behind what seemed spontaneous images, lied deep thought and research.

What we read, see and share at a young age stays with us for life. With this in mind, MaltaPost proudly introduces two stamps that portray these two Maltese iconic children's books. - Id-Denfil and Il-Gojjin. This stamp issue should take many back in time to relive the visual happiness of their childhood.

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