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2022Almazayen Championship 2020 - 2021 - Sheetlets

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Technical details
  • 29.01.2022
  • Abdellatif Zaian – Qatar Post
  • Cartor, France
  • Offset Lithography
  • 34.56 x 52.20 mm
  • 3.50 Riyals
About Almazayen Championship 2020 - 2021

The Qatari Society of AlGannas is a cultural association for hunters, Al Gannas was founded in 2008. Dedicated to promoting traditional Arabic hunting. Al Gannas represents Arab hunters in international and regional contests, organising events and providing support. The association includes the best facilities and equipment required for hunting, and encourages research and studies in the field.

The Qatari Society of AlGannas organise the Almazayen Championship every year, this sheet commemorates the 2020-2021 edition.