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2023Year Book (In French) - Year Collections

Year Collections
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  • 27.11.2023
About Year Book (In French)

“I want that among a hundred others, one of my works will be noticed at first glance,” is how Tamara de Lempicka spoke of her work and undoubtedly of her Young Girl in Green, the iconic Venus of modern times which allowed the artist of the Roaring Twenties to etch his name in art history. Like her, the personalities brought together in The Book of Stamps 2023 have marked their era and left their mark: the essential posters of Alphonse Mucha, the poetic silences of mime Marceau, the sharp gaze of Dominique Issermann, the victorious fight of Nelson Mandela or again the genius constructions of Gustave Eiffel. Featured in this edition on the occasion of the centenary of his death, the famous engineer is the subject of a special notebook which highlights the works he bequeathed to our society.

In this book bringing together stamps and gummed blocks from the year's philatelic program, meet women and men with exceptional destinies, relive the great moments of history, go on a journey and discover the cultural richness of our heritage. »