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2023Christmas and New Year - Miniature Sheet

Miniature Sheet
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Technical details
  • 06.12.2023
  • David Dovlatyan
  • Cartor, France
  • Stamp Size: 31,20 x 31,20 mm, M/S Size: 95,0 x 70,0 mm
About Christmas and New Year

On December 6th, 2023, a souvenir sheet with one postage stamp dedicated to the theme “New Year and Christmas” has been put into circulation.

The postage stamp of the souvenir sheet with the nominal value of 800 AMD depicts a Christmas ball with New Year view of the Republic Square as well as Santa Claus and number "2024".

The left part of the souvenir sheet depicts the inscription “HAPPY NEW YEAR” in Armenian and English languages.

The souvenir sheet also depicts New Year’s scenery against the background of Mount Ararat.

The souvenir sheet has an exceptional format as it is fully holographic.