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About Postal stamps of Republic of Srpska

The first series of stamps on which there was an inscription "REPUBLIC OF SRPSKA" was issued on 26th of October 1992. Before this date, the franking of parcels in post offices of Republic of Srpska used are valid postage stamps of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

The first set of stamps with the inscription Republic of Srpska was a Definitive stamp issue of 11 stamps which consisted of reprints of regular stamps of Yugoslavia. The stamps were used for franking items only in the western part of Srpska, while in other areas, until the beginning of 1993, stamps of Yugoslavia were still used.

The first historic stamp issues since 1993 are as follows;

11th of January 1993: - The first authentic edition of postage stamps RS (among philatelists known as the "first fiddle").

June 1993: A commemorative edition dedicated to a referendum of the Serbian people in RS on the Vance-Owen peace plan. It should be noted that the value of these stamps very quickly devalued inflation, so they were used less than 90 days.

9th of January 1994: This is a stamp dedicated to Statehood Day of RS, where there is a motive mural with the image of St. Stephen. After this set of postage stamps, Republic of Srpska began to prepare an annual stamp program. At present there are releases of between 6 and 14 stamp sets per year.

Poste Srpske: releases stamps relating to cultural and sport events in the country but also occasionally celebrates important international events worldwide. Poste Srpske participates in philatelic exhibitions throughout Europe and the world, promoting its stamps and country and every year organises the competition of the most beautiful postage stamps.