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About Kyrgyzstan

WOPA is pleased to have Kyrgyzstan stamps on the website. It was only on the 18th of November 2014 when Kyrgyz Express Post, as the second designated operator of Kyrgyzstan, issued its first stamps!

Kyrgyz Express Post stamps are a new phenomenon in nearly 175-year-old worldwide tradition of stamp issuing: for the first time in philatelic history the second postal operator of a Universal Postal Union member country, designated according to article 2 of the Universal Postal Convention and operating throughout the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan, has issued its own stamps.

By issuing its stamps Kyrgyz Express Post strives to further promote the interest in stamp collecting by offering high quality products of unique design, made using cutting-edge technologies. Kyrgyz Express Post uses its best endeavors to raise public awareness about Kyrgyzstan: its history, culture, breathtaking environment, and famous people. They hope that the new issues of Kyrgyz Express Post stamps will spur more people to become ardent collectors of their stamps. For collectors, this is a wonderful opportunity to collect the stamps of a new issuing designated postal administration.