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About Kyrgyzstan KP

The postal history of Kyrgyzstan began when the nation declared independence in August 1991. Under the Soviet Union, the Kyrgyz SSR postal service was an integral part of the Soviet system. The republic was periodically recognized in sets of stamps honouring the different parts of the USSR.

Kyrgyzstan is a member state of the Universal Postal Union since 1993 with its two designated postal operators - Kyrgyz Pochtasy KP (started 1992) and Kyrgyz Express Post KEP (started 2014) both of which offer their stamps and philatelic items on the WOPA website. It’s the only member country of the UPU to have two official postal administrations issuing official stamps for the country.

Kyrgyzstan KP issued its first postage stamp on 4 February 1992, a single design depicting the Sary-Chelek Nature Preserve in Jalal-Abad Province. The country's name was given in both Cyrillic and Latin letters; many Kyrgyz stamps have since done likewise, although the practice is not consistent, with some stamps only inscribed in Cyrillic and others only in Latin.

In April and June 1993, several types of Russian stamps were surcharged in ruble values, followed in August by the first stamps denominated in tyiyn.