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About Norway

In 1872, Norway introduced its first stamp with a Posthorn design; stamps of this type, with periodic redesigns, have been in use ever since.

Stunning and dramatic scenery and landscape is found throughout Norway and many of these sceneries have been featured on their stamps in the past. The west coast of southern Norway and the coast of northern Norway present some of the most visually impressive coastal sceneries in the world. National Geographic has listed the Norwegian fjords as the world's top tourist attraction.

When speaking about Norway, one needs to mention the amazing midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle, spectacular mountains and glaciers and of course experiencing the Northern Lights.

Norway also has a very rich and interesting history with many of the key events having been featured on their stamps throughout the years. Norway issues about 15 stamp issues a year and maintains a low face value which makes collecting Norwegian stamps and interesting proposition for collectors. The quality of their designs and the fact that they commemorate important national and international events has always meant that stamps of Norway are highly collectible.

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