About Tokelau

Tokelau is a group of four atolls that are New Zealand territory. Many collector silver coins have been issued under the legal authority of Tokelau by Treasures of Oz who is WOPA+ partner in the offering of Tokelau coins through our website, an Australian company founded in 2008 that releases a wide range of collector coins that are minted by private Mints. Treasures of Oz as the issuing authority of Tokelau coins and as WOPA+ partners has a mission to increase cultural understanding among nations. 

Tokelau is well known for the line of Chinese Lunar year coins that began in 2012, which has continued to expand in recent years.  Each year a range of different versions of that year's lunar issue are released, which typically includes reverse proof, regular proof, coloured, gilded, and antique silver coins.  The designs that appear on these coins include some of the well-regarded for that entire year's lunar releases from various countries. 

Silver coins from Tokelau are known for their high quality, pure silver content, use of interesting coin production techniques, and very attractive designs. 

Tokelau silver coin releases also include extremely popular numismatic items such as the Creatures of Myth and Legend series, a Zodiac series and many of their exciting recent releases available on WOPA+.