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2009 Daffodil Day - Day of Fight against Breast Cancer

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About 2009 Daffodil Day - Day of Fight against Breast Cancer

Daffodil day – Day of fight against breast cancer in B&H is traditionally celebrated on the first day of spring, 21 March. The aim of this humanitarian action is to draw attention to the importance of early detection for breast cancer, because in that case forecast for disease treatment is significantly improved. On the first day of spring, in several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the daffodils are selling, as a symbol of the awakening of life and hope, a symbol of hope for patients suffering from breast cancer.

Funds raised are for the prevention and early detection for breast cancer because by early identification and detection of disease prognosis for healing is significantly improved. The aim of this action is not just a collection of financial support but also raise awareness of people in the fight against malignant diseases.