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2009 - 150th Anniversary of Franciscan Monastery Guca Gora - Set

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  • 30.05.2009
  • Siniša Skenderija
  • Zrinski d.d. Čakovec
  • 35.50 x 29.82 mm
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About 2009 - 150th Anniversary of Franciscan Monastery Guca Gora

In the mid-19th century Bosnian Franciscans have decided to built the monastery in the area of Travnik, and for the place of construction they have selected Guča Gora. Friar Marijan Šunjić has especially worked on raising the monastery and church. On 30th of May 1859, general of Franciscan Order issued a decree on foundation of monastery in Guča Gora. Both the monastery and the church have had tragic destiny. In February 1945 partisans have burned both buildings, fire has swallowed everything that was valuable in the monastery, the archive and the library, a number of artistic works, liturgical garments, altar, organ as well as rich legacy of Friar Marijan Šunjić.

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