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Christmas 2018

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About Christmas 2018

This year's Christmas stamp issue features three figurines of the Baby Jesus found in churches around Malta and Gozo and photographed by Mark Micallef Perconte.

Christmas in Malta has a strong religious significance and it is customary for households to exhibit figurines of Baby Jesus. Some figurines are placed in a model manger and displayed behind windows or other prominent places around the house. This tradition, together with crib making, has been passed on from one generation to another.

St Helen's Basilica, Birkirkara
This figurine is carried around the streets of the town during the Christmas procession. This figurine is believed to be over hundred years old.

St Catherine's Parish Church,Zejtun
This Jesus figurine is carved in wood and is the work of Xandru Farrugia. It was recently restored by the Rev. Gino Gauci.

Basilica of the Nativity of Our Lady - Xaghra, Gozo
The Baby Jesus figurine of the Xagparish church was made in Lecce, Italy and was donated to the church in 2015.