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Domestic Cats

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About Domestic Cats

Along with dogs, domestic cats (lat. Felis silvestris catus) are the most popular pets. In the world, there are more than 200 breeds of domestic cats, characterized by great diversity.

Cats began to live in proximity to humans about ten thousand years ago. Initially, people valued these animals for their great rodent hunting abilities. Later, these small predators were also considered as excellent companions for people.

In many countries, cat lovers' clubs have been established, which organize national and international shows. In Kyrgyzstan, domestic cat lovers are gathered in the Kyrgyz International Cat Association (KICA), which is a representative of the World Cat Federation (WCF) in our country. KEP expresses its gratitude to the members of this association and personally to its president, Sergei Temirkhanov, for the opportunity to portray some remarkable cat breeds on our postage stamps. Especially we would like to note that all cats presented on the stamps are participants and prize-winners at national and international shows.

The three KEP stamps represent the following breeds of domestic cats: Scottish Fold, Siberian and Maine Coon.

Scottish fold. This breed is distinguished by its folded ("hanging") ears. It first appeared in Scotland, which is reflected in its name. This peaceful and calm animal is an excellent companion. The Scottish fold loves people and especially the families with whom it lives; whilst at the same time, they are physically strong and are excellent hunters. The stamp presents a cat named “Baron Kissol D Vel” who lives with the family of Olga Kiselnikova from Bishkek.

Siberian cat. The ancestors of this breed are Bukhara cats, which were brought to Siberia by Central Asian traders. Over time, these cats, perfectly adapted to the harsh Siberian conditions, became widespread throughout Russia. In the twentieth century, this breed also achieved international recognition. Siberian cats are distinguished by their intelligence, ingenuity, attachment to their owner, friendliness and sociability. The KEP stamp depicts a cat named “Helmut iz Tverskogo Knyazhestva”, who is also owned by Olga Kiselnikova from Bishkek.

The Maine Coon is the oldest breed of cat in North America. Its name is associated with the northeastern state of Maine, where these cats were first discovered. The Maine Coon is a very large and strong cat with a long fluffy tail. On the tips of the ears, they have small tassels, like a lynx. Animals of this breed are able to live in the harsh natural conditions of the severe northern climate. The stamp shows a cat named “Temir House Mercury” and its owner is Alla Temirkhanova from Bishkek.