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The Royal Marines

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Miniature Sheet
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First Day Cover
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First Day Cover MS
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Presentation Pack
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Medal Cover
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About The Royal Marines

Continuing our series on the British Armed Forces with this stamp issue we commemorate the elite fighting force of the Royal Marines. Featuring eight stamps and an exclusive miniature sheet, we look at the history of and modern-day operations of the Marines, as well as some of the key operations they’re involved in by sea and by land.

The Corps of Royal Marines (RM) is the UK's commando, and amphibious force, under the Royal Navy. The marines can trace their origins back to the formation of the English Army's "Duke of York and Albany's maritime regiment of Foot" at the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company on 28 October 1664. Today, the Royal Marines are an elite fighting force within the British Armed Forces, having undergone many substantial changes over time.