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Spring in the Air

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About Spring in the Air

Spring is a time for congratulations. Fairy stamps designed by the beloved postcard artist Virpi Pekkala are the perfect fit for all greetings and party invitations. “On the spring stamps, the fairies act as the masters of ceremonies for congratulations and celebrations and play a fanfare for spring.”

“Fairies are kind and gentle fairytale creatures that have captivated my imagination since I was a child. There was a story book featuring fairies that made a deep impression on me, and I must have imagined my own fairy drawings as their cousins,” says Pekkala.

Over the years, fairies have appeared in many of Pekkala’s illustrations. “Fairies seem to pop up in my artwork almost unintentionally. They have appeared on summer and Christmas cards, advent calendars, and most recently on a 2022 wall calendar. The fairies skate among the reeds in January, swim in a pond in July, retreat into their winter nest in November, and light candles with the elves in December.”

Spring in the Air is a 10-stamp sheet containing five different domestic no-value indicator stamps. The graphic design of the stamps is by Paula Salviander.