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Route of the Portuguese Cathedrals 2014 - Special Folder

Special Folder
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Special Folder
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Technical details
  • 18.08.2014
  • Atelier Design&etc - Helder Soares
  • Cartor
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 40 x 30.6 mm
  • €0.42
About Route of the Portuguese Cathedrals 2014

In good time, CTT Correios de Portugal (Portuguese Postal Operator) issued three sets of stamps on the Route of the Cathedrals of Portugal. The last series of eight cathedrals is now concluded, totalling 26 stamps. A stamp is much more than a postage rate that gets a letter to its destination. It is a small work of art that teaches us about history or any other branch of knowledge, marking important dates, events and personalities, which are well worth noting. This stamp collection evokes over more than eight centuries of the history of Portugal.

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