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2014170 Years of Tourism in Opatija - Set

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  • 11.06.2014
  • Dubravka Zglavnik - Horvat, designer, Zagreb
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  • Zrinski - Čakovec
  • Multicolor Offset Printing
  • 4 Colours
  • 35,50 x 29,82 mm
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About 170 Years of Tourism in Opatija

Croatian tourism was officially „born“ in Opatija 170 years ago, when Iginio Scarpa built the Villa Angiolina to the memory of his deceased wife and surrounded it with a wonderful park. Very soon after the breaking year 1844 the place became a favourite destination of the elite from Rijeka and after the stay of the Viceroy Josip Jelačić and the Empress Maria Anna of Savoy, wife of the Emperor Ferdinand, Opatija becomes a highly demanded cure resort among the most important personalities of the Monarchy.
Great interest of guests among whom were the noblemen, physicians, respectful businessmen, but also artists like Vladimir Nabokov, Anton Pavlovič Čehov, Gustav Mahler or Isadora Duncan, resulted in increased capacities - in 1884 hotel Kvarner was built, there were investments in railway and communal infrastructure, opulent gardens and a lungomare - the seaside promenade which is today one of the most important tourist attractions of Opatija, were created. Before the First World War Opatija became a more visited resort than the until that time exceptionally appreciated Karlovy Vary and one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe.
Also through the entire 20th century Opatija was a popular destination of European and world jet-set and also with its attractive Summer Stage built on the backfilled coast, it turned soon into a festival centre of the state and the whole central and south-eastern Europe of the time and enriching gradually its tourist offer spreading it to the whole year. From the once winter cure resort, Opatija became an everyday more in demand summer resort of hundreds of thousands of tourists who arrive to Opatija attracted by its bathing-places, culture, architecture, gastronomy, congress halls and events.
Today, when Opatija celebrates its 170th birthday of organised tourism, it is still among the most desired Croatian destinations and the „First Lady“ of European tourism.

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