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Hungarian Performing Artists I - Rezső Gács (Rodolfo) - Set

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Technical details
  • 29.03.2011
  • Péter Nagy
  • Pénzjegynyomda
  • 45 x 30 mm
About Hungarian Performing Artists I - Rezső Gács (Rodolfo)

Rezső Gács, stage name Rodolfo – (1911-87) , Artist of Merit (1960), Artist of Excellence (1971) and SZOT (National Trades Union Council) Award (1980). , Inspired to take up conjuring by a Chinese pearl seller, he was encouraged and taught by Zuárd Odry, who also gave Gács his stage name, Rodolfo Grosso. In January 1931 he became a member of the Society of Hungarian Artistes. Not only was he contracted at many popular venues in Budapest, but he also travelled the world as an entertainer. From 1967 he took part as an invited performer at international congresses of magicians. The secret of his success was practising his tricks to perfection and his ability to create a rapport with the audience. Even after he retired, he practised four hours a day. His well-known slogan was “Watch my hands – I’m cheating!”