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Bats - Set

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Technical details
  • 16.09.2016
  • Victor Telibasa
  • Offset
  • 4
  • Stamps size: 48 x 33 mm; 33 x 48 mm, Minisheet size: 120 x 119 mm; 119 x 120 mm, Block size: 168 x 116 mm (in philatelic album)
  • 2.50 Lei; 4.50 Lei; 8.00 Lei; 15.00 Lei
About Bats

Bats are mammals of the order Chiroptera (its name comes from the Greek words cheir, “hand” and pteron, “wing”) whose hands form wings, making them the only mammals naturally capable of true and sustained flight. Resuming its series of projects dedicated to this theme, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamp issue Bats.

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