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Clean Croatia of Car Wrecks - Postcard

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  • 05.06.2017
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About Clean Croatia of Car Wrecks

On 5 June 2017, Croatian Post issued a postcard 'Let's free Croatia from car wrecks' commemorating World Environment Day. Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development ‘Green feet’ from Samobor, Croatia, has been organizing this ecological action for 13 years and Croatian Post postmen have been participating for last 6 years.

The action is organized in a way that citizens alarm and also help removing car wrecks and other massive (sturdy) waste (garbage) from woods and parks. Using 4000 postcards, 2400 Croatian Post postmen will communicate illegal dumps.

In the past 13 years over 15 000 car wrecks was removed from national parks and nature parks in Croatia.