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Croatian Tourism - Set

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  • 08.06.2017
  • Vladimir Buzolić-Stegu, designer from Zagreb
  • AKD d.o.o, Zagreb
  • Multicolor Offset Printing
  • 29.82 x 48.28 mm
  • 2.80 / 5.80 HRK
About Croatian Tourism

Zagreb has always been an attractive city. Long time ago, during the middle ages, people used to go to Zagreb for large annual fairs and, later on, for commercial exhibitions. Currently, the main motif for visiting Zagreb are numerous cultural, entertainment and sports events. The people of Zagreb started preparing for their guests a long time ago. The first coffee shops opened all the way back in the 18th century. At the beginning of the 19th century, even more inns were built as well as the first large hotel in the city. During the middle of the century, the first money exchange office was opened and the first tourist map of the city and its vicinity was printed. The arrival of the railway in 1862 transformed Zagreb into a modern mid-European city. The first tourist guides who were multi-lingual even back then familiarised the guests not only with the history, but also with Zagreb’s position, institutions and landmarks, that is, everything that the city featured back then. Today, Zagreb is not much different than other cities, but thousands of small details make it unique. The city, as the guests confirm, is a pleasant city. Its size is ideal for anyone. With a lot of green surfaces, areas for walking and recreation, you can get anywhere on foot. It is also a lively city where there is always something happening. The streets and cafes are always full of people. It is a happy combination of the mid-European coffee shop tradition and the Mediterranean street life tradition. Perhaps the secret of pleasurable visits to Zagreb is its harmony with the surroundings. The Medvednica Mountain on the north, the open area under it and the River Sava on the south, the Cathedral, the temple of heaven, is on the east side and Sabor (the Parliament) and Banski dvori, the hubs of the worldly powers, are on the west side. Nowadays, Zagreb is visited by more than a million guests per year. Hospitality, imagination and agility of the people of Zagreb as hosts has been recognized in the world. It has been getting international awards and recognition during the last few years. Regardless of the time of year you visit Zagreb, you are sure to be impressed with its past, values and beauty. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy homemade gastro specialties. Croatian tourism is, among other things, a combination of tradition and gastronomy. These two stamps symbolise this fortunate combination in Zagreb.

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