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2008The 10th Days of Matrix Croatica - Mostar`s Spring - First Day Cover

First Day Cover
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Technical details
  • 25.03.2008
  • Marin Musa
  • -
  • Zrinski dd Čakovec
  • Offset
  • -
  • 29.82 x 35.50 mm
  • 0.10
About The 10th Days of Matrix Croatica - Mostar`s Spring

Days of Matica hrvatska - Mostar's Spring 2008 are one of the most valuable and most important cultural events in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1999, when it started out as a one-week cultural manifestation - Easter with Matica, it has evolved into a respectable cultural manifestation to which numerous domestic and foreign artists are drawn.With its open to cooperation, various events and cultural events that are attended to in great amounts, Days of Matica, from year to year, in various forms represent the cultural creations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and other countries not only from our wider region but of Europe as well. Various artistic aspects are joined together by creating new opportunities for the future, not only for the artist but for the public as well, spreading to a cosmopolitan multicultural spirit. This event gathers people of various profiles who successfully achieve all that is meant to be achieved. By celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Croatian Days of Matica - Mostar's Spring 2008, it will host 12 cities from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. The Croatian post Ltd. Mostar has issued a commemorative postal stamp and a first day cover.